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Disclaimer:These web pages are part of a personal web site and do not represent the opinions of USA Roller Sports. They are not official information and no warrentee is given as to the accuracy of their content.
The above disclaimer being said, the official files at the USARS site for the years listed were generated by me from the same tabulating files as were used to generate these files. I would be very suprised at any differences other than the fact I had the program generate the score sheets.

These are the contests I have available. For contests 2011 and newer, I have the the Regional and National Championships plus miscellaneous other meets. For 2010, I have the National Championships plus my own region. This is the first year we automated the generation of the National Championship evennt (TAB) files and I had not learned that I better audit the files from each region before generating Nationals. I only have the regional results from those files.

Anything before 2010 is generated from files I inherited from Bob Lim. The oldest two years that I have (2006 and 2007) were tabulated with an older version of the tabulating program which had a habit of corrupting the event files. This was from before I took over maintenance of the tabulating program. Note that the corruption was not due to programming errors. It was a bug in Microsoft's Visual Basic run time which showed up when you turned on the optimize switch.

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